QR Code User Guide

1) Check your camera phone compatibility to the QR Code reader software.

2) Download QR Code reader test version software from http://mobile.snapmaze.com/jar into your mobile phone.

3) Select a radio button either on URL, SMS, Text or Phone number in SnapMaze.com

4) Key in your data into the textbox.

5) Click on the “Generate” button.

6) A QR Code image will be generated.

7) Save or print the QR Code image.

8) Activate the QR Code reader software from your mobile phone.

9) Target and snap the QR Code image into your mobile phone.

10) The data will appear in your mobile phone.

11) Alternatively, you may install a QR Code Firefox extension (Get free download of QR Code Firefox extension) that allows you to generate QR Code storing URLs from the webpage you currently looking on.