How Logical Games Train our Brains?

Logic exercises: the importance of training your brain – If there were brain gyms, logic exercises would be part of the machines that would help strengthen our particular muscle. Because as with the body, the brain is not immune to the passage of time and requires physical training to stay in shape.

What is brain plasticity

“It is a Noble thing, even for an old man, to learn.” The Greek poet Sophocles was not misguided. Brain plasticity is the ability of our brain to achieve precisely that: that despite the time, we continue to learn and acquire new knowledge.

Also known as neuroplasticity, thanks to it, our brain changes and adapts to the new circumstances that surround us, improving the mental abilities already acquired and updating our practical intelligence.

Brain plasticity is part of the capacity that has the human being to adapt to the environment, such as the motor ability – thanks to which we walk, we run, or we jump – or the emotional capacity – with which we feel empathy or affection toward a person-. However, such skills may be affected by the passage of time, so to avoid it – or delay it at least – we have to train and sweat the T – shirt-or the forehead, in this case.

Did you know?

William James was the first psychologist to realize the ability our brain had to change and learn. “Organic matter, especially nerve tissue, seems to have an extraordinary degree of plasticity,” he wrote in 1890.

Cognitive training

The best way to train brain plasticity is through complete cognitive training, which in practice consists of a series of logic exercises. Our brain likes challenges, and when it stands in front of one, it puts into practice all those mental abilities that we do not always bring to light.

What are they? First, perception, that is, the way we receive, organize, and assimilate the information that comes to us from the senses. We may not be used to looking closely at an image, so doing so will help us not atrophy such an ability.

Secondly, logic, which appears when we entertain ourselves with mathematical games, and reasoning, present in all those logic exercises which require thinking – and which in practice are usually all-.

Doing Rubik’s cube

Thirdly, space, or what is the same, the ability to understand the area in which we stand and to recognize everything in it. And finally, memory, that skill should be taken out more often and not just to remember the shopping list. The games of ingenuity that require memorization help us to improve it.

Did you know?

Cognitive training is part of non-pharmacological therapies to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Of all these, it has proved to be the most effective.

Logic exercises

There are a variety of logic exercises to perform proper cognitive training. We can take advantage of the Sunday newspaper Sudoku, download a mobile app with some logic game or, why not, entertain hands trying to solve a Rubik cube, unleash metal pieces, or re-tie a propeller knot. All of them are profitable and fun!